24 June 2016 4 min read

Growing vegetables and herbs has been a lifelong passion for Lucia Bragagnolo so having her own garden was essential when she chose her new home at Mernda Retirement Village.

Lucia moved in and wasted no time making the home her own by transforming her low maintenance outside space into a thriving kitchen garden.

“I’ve always loved being out in the garden and that hasn’t changed since I moved to Mernda.”

“I’m amazed at mum’s ideas for making the garden easy to use and productive,” said Lucia’s daughter Mary. “Using small water tanks as raised beds was a clever way to create room for more veggies.”

The impressive kitchen garden has become a talking point for Lucia’s fellow Mernda Retirement Village residents who stop by to chat or ask her for growing advice. “If other residents ask me for garden ideas I’m always happy to help,” Lucia said.

“I have wonderful neighbours which is one of the reasons I’m so happy here at Mernda. “I grow zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber and lots of herbs. I often have more than I need for the kitchen and I like to give them away to my family and to the other residents.”

“I’ve always loved being out in the garden and that hasn’t changed since I moved to Mernda. Being surrounding by plants and flowers makes me happy and gardening keeps me active too.”

Making the move to Mernda Retirement Village has also meant Lucia walks more regularly instead of using her car to get to church and the shops. “Most of the places I need to go are within five minutes’ walk from the village,” she said. “I don’t have to rely on the car anymore and the walking is good exercise.”