29 August 2017   

4 mins read
Meet Narelle Brunalli, our Village Manager at Midlands Terrace

How long have you been at Midlands Terrace?

I have been working at Midlands Terrace Village since August 2015. 

Where did you work before starting at Midlands?

Prior to Midlands Terrace, I was the Village Manager at Stockland Burnside Retirement Village for almost two years.  And before becoming Village Manager at Burnside, I was the Admin Assistant.  Overall, I have worked in retirement living over seven years.

What has surprised you about working in a retirement village?

The biggest thing I have learnt and has surprised me is that a person’s age is just a number.  I have met people that are 100 years old and appear to be still in their early 70’s, and others that are only in their 70’s but have the mindset of someone older.  This realisation has encouraged me to maintain my health, not just physically but also mentally so that I can live a positive and enjoyable life.

How would you describe Midlands Terrace?

Midlands Terrace is an extremely friendly village with a warm and inviting country feel.  We have just celebrated our 40th Birthday, but we all still feel 21!

Some of our residents have been living in the village for 20 years and many others have called Midlands Terrace home for around 15 years.  People become family when they have been in the same neighbourhood for this length of time and this caring, safe and secure atmosphere is what Midlands Terrace is known for.  Residents know how to keep an eye on each other without crossing boundaries.  The care factor is unmeasurable and cannot be easily replicated.

Tell us about your team at Midlands?

Midlands Terrace has a new, fresh Stockland team! Jay Everall is our sales extraordinaire and is our longest serving team member with just over two years in the company.  

Michael Jeffrey is our Gardener/Handyman.  Michael has been with us for almost 16 months and has been embraced by residents, especially the ladies!

Shirley Buhler is our newest member and is our Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coordinator, helping to keep our residents active and healthy. She has embraced her new role by making it her own with her daily quiz question, quote of the day and weekly newsletters.

Tell us about a day in the life of a village manager?

There is no such thing as a typical day -  as with any people-orientated business, things pop up or residents drop in so my days’ work plan needs to be flexible.  This diversity is one of the things I enjoy most about retirement living.


"Midlands Terrace is an extremely friendly village with a warm and inviting country feel" - Narelle Brunalli, Village Manager