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There is nothing better than raising a toast every week with your fellow villagers.

At Oak Grange Retirement Village, more than twenty residents attend the weekly Happy Hour on a Friday from 5pm.  It is one of the best $5 the residents will ever spend – two glasses of beer, wine or soft drink along with a variety platter of finger food to share.


Researchers have found that by getting together with friends for a drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) we can:

  • Increase the frequency of ‘true smiles’;
  • Increase social bonding among participants;
  • Enhance positive emotions; and
  • Relieve negative emotions

Mrs Happy Hour of Oak Grange - Nola, said “These events bring our residents together. It gives us all a chance to mingle, chat with friends and neighbours, listen or be heard, laugh, reflect and just be there for each other”. 


A group of ladies who have been regulars at the Happy Hour, once referred to themselves as ‘The Oldies’.  Nola soon fixed that and renamed them ‘The Lovelies’.  Nola says, “I just love seeing the smiles on their faces when they walk into their community centre about to enjoy another fun filled hour together.”


“Well, it’s Friday afternoon, and I have to get ready for Happy Hour – see you all there”! - Nola