The Stage at Stockland Baldivis, Pink Stumps Day

The Stage@Stockland Baldivis was launched late last year and is an initiative to support passionate youth in our community. 

With thousands of Facebook followers and customers flowing through the Centre, Stockland Baldivis has recognised an opportunity to partner with the young people in the community to elevate the profile of the causes they are championing. Just like you, we love to hear positive stories about the youth in our community. 

Meet Queeneth, Aden, Chloe, Keziah & Eve – student’s at Baldivis Secondary College and fundraisers for Pink Stumps Day. And we mean MAJOR fundraisers! We’re told that they’ve raised around $13,000 to date and the Glenn McGrath Foundation recognises them in the top 6 fundraisers, of this type, in the country. The funds raised through Pink Stumps Day 2017 help to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities. The students held a successful event at their high school and a fundraising event within the Centre.