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Behind each of your favourite stores are passionate, hardworking people who welcome you to take part in their story, every time you walk in. Here, we introduce you to the faces behind some of your favourite Stockland retailers. Learn about the history of their business, the products and services they offer and what they love about their local community.

Meet Trent & Tousif from Optus 

Q. Tell us about your store.
We are a friendly team who strive to keep the store in a positive atmosphere for anyone who walks in. Our purpose is to be proactive in the way we engage with our customers - by providing options for our customers we create positive experiences. Our aim is to also discover the customer’s needs and wants in order to provide the best solution based on that information.

Q. What products, services or experiences do you offer?
We offer the ability for Australians to stay connected with one another through both our mobile and our internet services. Our phone plans offer a great amount of data and unlimited talk and text to allow our customers to contact others whenever they need to – while our internet options offer enough data to stream all your favourite shows and music as well as play your favourite games without any issues.

Q. What feedback do you get from customers?
See below just some of the feedback we have received from our surveys:
“Great service, very friendly, happy to have them as my provider”
“Helpful, helped us save money and knew what they were talking about”
“The staff were polite, efficient and helpful. Would recommend.”

Q. With regards to your store type, what are customers wanting right now?
Recently people have been upgrading their phones and getting a better offer in regards to their phone plan in order to stay connected and reachable during these recent times. The inclusions of the plans have changed over the years – and our current plans are our best set yet, giving more data and talk/text for a better price. Home internet has also been a popular choice for people who want more data for home schooling/working from home.

Q. What are some must-have items, services or experiences right now?
Something that is essential right now – with people working from home and kids being home from school - is Home Internet. Whether it is NBN or our Wireless broadband, it is a perfect way to stay connected at home while not worrying about going over your mobile data or missing out due to not having adequate amount of internet allocation.

Q. What are three words that describe your store?
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable

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