Meet Geni

We want to take a minute to say thank you for embracing our Geni shopping app.
At Stockland, we’re always on the hunt for easy and smart ways to make your shopping experience convenient and memorable.
We created Geni to give you personalised shopping lists that matched to the best deals in centre.

The feedback you’ve since provided has helped us in more ways than one. It’s given us important insights into your shopping habits as well as your in-store preferences.
We’ll be taking these useful insights onboard and will do our best to improve your shopping experience along the way.
While our Geni trial at Stockland Balgowlah has officially closed, we sincerely hope enjoyed using the app. You can now stay up to date with the latest shopping and sales offers, competitions, and events at Stockland Balgowlah by subscribing to our newsletter or through our website.

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