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Calling all Little Eco Gardeners!

Get busy in the backyard with our fun and educational workshops. Join us during the School Holidays as we bring an episode of our Little Eco Gardeners Workshops – streaming on demand direct to your living room.   


Watch Episode Two of our Little Eco Gardeners On Demand.

Discover in this week’s session how to care and replant your eco pot plant, as well as how you can use your herbs in your very own home!*


Episode 2 - What you will need:

Medium sized pot, soil, rocks or gravel, watering can, small shovel or soup spoon.
*Please be advised when handling fertilisers, Stockland advises parental supervision, reading the product label and following manufacturer safety instructions at all times.


Missed the action last week?

Catch up on Episode One of our Little Eco Gardeners On Demand.

Little ones will discover how to decorate and plant their very own pot plant and learn gardening tips to care for their plant.  This activity is best suited for children aged between 4 - 8.


What you will need:

The basics: Pot plant, potting soil, seedlings

The optional extras:  Stickers, googly eyes, whatever you want to decorate your pot plant!

Get everything you need from Stockland


OR Purchase this starter pack from Smart Dollar in centre for only $15: Including a pot, joggle eyes, permanent marker, craft mushrooms, glitter butterflies, flower embellishments and label stickers.



Check out our Fun in the Garden Guide and get everything you need to enjoy a day outdoors or in the garden.

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