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Our top feel good fitness essentials

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Stay prepared with this essential fitness gear from Stockland Baringa

If you’re craving that feel-good boost of energy that comes from a killer workout but are lacking the motivation, Stockland Baringa has got you covered.

Pick up some energy boosters from our friendly retailers, you’ll find everything you need at your local Stockland centre. So, tie up those shoelaces and get moving everyone!


Energy boosters

Before you get that heart rate racing, stock up on some delicious fresh food from our local IGA. Don’t forget to grab your post workout protein ball and maybe even a freshly brewed coffee from Mr Z or Grind Coffee.  


Post workout

Burnt all that energy? Kebab Zone Baringa has dinner covered with the freshest tradition Turkish kebabs in town.

Left to right: Kebab, Kebab Zone; Coffee, Mr Z Or Grind; Fresh fruit, IGA; Water, IGA; Protein balls, IGA.  

Find all the essentials and more, at Stockland Baringa.


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