Tired of real estate not meeting real-world expectations?

Meet the people changing your experience for the better.


If you’ve been thinking for a while that there MUST be a better way to do real estate, you can rest assured you’re not alone. The thing that might surprise you though is that the loudest voice calling for change is someone from within the industry itself.


Kindred Property Group, Queensland’s fastest growing independent real estate, truly believe in putting client’s best interests first, and with that, have put their hand up and said quite simply that things need to change. And now.


They’ve taken up their own call to arms and are changing the real estate experience, in particular, creating a more convenient, timely and (dare we say it) exciting way to experience property.


And they now welcome you to experience a new way of doing real estate – through the exciting, convenient and empowering world of virtual real estate and virtual reality.




In October this year, Kindred proudly opened an office in the forward-thinking suburb of Baringa; an opening that is set to bring about many exciting changes for the Sunshine Coast community.


This new office (servicing Aura and the Sunshine Coast) adds to Kindred’s already established offices across the Moreton Bay Region and North Brisbane, where Kindred has been serving the community for over 11 years. 




One of the first unique changes to be implemented (you guessed it) is Kindred Aura’s virtual reality lounge, a true change in the way people can choose to experience property.


This lounge will be an immersive experience – something not done by other real estate agencies – allowing people to conveniently ‘walk’ through as many properties as they are interested in all from the one location: Kindred’s lounge.


This virtual reality experience and forward-thinking option opens up a world of choice for those interested in buying or renting a property – choice that has been missing for way too long.


Gone are the days of saying good-bye to your Saturday driving from open home to open home, only to find out when you get there that the few photos online were not a complete representation of the property and it doesn’t suit your needs.


By viewing property first in Kindred’s Virtual Reality Lounge, so much of the inconvenience and wasted time of property viewing is removed. You now have the option to create a short list of properties from first experiencing them through world-class virtual technology.




This exciting innovation is the first of many the community can expect from Kindred Aura, according to Joshua Kindred, Principal of Kindred Property Group.


“We have a real drive to make a real difference in the Sunshine Coast, delivering innovative real estate services to the community that are in line with what people actually want, what they expect from the businesses that serve them,” explains Joshua.


“For so long, people have inconveniently needed to give up their valuable time to view countless properties, properties they only figured out once there that may not suit them. Or worse, not view a property because there was a clash or the time didn’t work, only to then miss out on what could have been their perfect home.”


“We want to change the real estate experience, and the first step we are taking is implementing virtual reality, but there will be many changes to come.”


“The community of Stockland Aura have an incredible lifestyle. They are progressive, forward thinking and driven by innovation, and we cannot wait to be a part of this culture and deliver to people what they truly want from a property experience.”




If you’d like to experience this yourself, head into the Kindred Aura office in the suburb of Baringa. Proudly led by Steve McDade, a real estate expert with over 12 years’ experience, and his customer-focused team, you can choose to experience property in a whole new way and will be guided by the passionate and dedicated experts.


Not in the property market but still want to experience virtual reality? Kindred have you covered and have recorded drone flyovers of the area that you can take part in a virtual reality experience too. 

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