Today we interviewed Mel from Rockmans. Definitely one of the most popular faces we have in the centre. She's been here a long time and Stockland is so happy to have her here. Mel always welcomes you with a smile when you come into the store, full of fashion tips and a positive attitude. The centre team loves having a laugh with Mel and hope she is here for many more years to come. 

Make sure you say hi next time you're in the centre! 

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  1.  How long have you been in Bathurst? All my life

  2. How do you start your day? Drag myself out of bed.... and make a cup of tea

  3. Favourite weekend activity in Bathurst? Spending time with family/friends

  4. When did you open/ start working at the store? 27 years ago. 11 years as a manger.

  5. Why this kind of store? What’s your passion behind brand? I just love fashion! Also meeting new people.

  6. Do you have a lot of regular customers? Yes, and they are very good to us.

  7.  What’s your most popular item/product? Rockmans jeans are so comfortable and at a great price.

  8. What’s your busiest time of the week? Mondays- we receive our stock delivery and it's promo change day.

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