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Behind each of your favourite stores are passionate, hardworking people who welcome you to take part in their story, every time you walk in. Here, we introduce you to the faces behind some of your favourite Stockland retailers. Learn about the history of their business, the products and services they offer and what they love about their local community.


Meet Rosette of Soul Pattinson


  1. Tell us about your store?
    We are Soul Pattinson Chemist, located at Baulkham Hills, Stockland Centre, for more than a decade and a half. Very proudly to say that we provide friendly and professional services to our Baulkham Hills community customers and families of the Hills.
    Our team consists of highly experienced Pharmacists and qualified pharmacy assistants who are here to help you to receive correct medications, appropriate and effective therapeutic goods as well as being responsive to your inquiries and needs for consultation.

  2. What products, services or experiences do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of services including Dispensing Medications, Vitamins, Therapeutic Goods for health and well-being, gifts, perfumes and footwear. We also provide Medical Certificates, Medication History Checks and Dose Administration Aids when you need an extra hand managing your medications.
    With the detrimental effect from COVID-19, we extend our offer to Contactless-Delivery Services and Telephone-Counselling. For your convenience especially, we arrange your prescriptions to be sent through and delivered to your door. Also we can store your prescriptions in the pharmacy and with this arrangement and our new App, you are able to place an order and get the goods ready with no travel required but time saving.

  3. What feedback do you get from your customers?
    The most frequent feedback we received being “We feel like part of your family, staff here are so respectful, warm and understand our need.”
    Other comments included: “You went by miles to help us, we will never forget you and your services.”; “Your staff’s recommendation was spot-on, those tables / cream have helped me so effectively.”; “I was surprised that you could checked out with my doctor so quickly and delivered my medications within the same day, thank you.”; “You made a special order for me, that was wonderfully helpful.”

  4. What do you love about our local community?
    By the same token, we love and respect our customers and local community, which embraces people of various backgrounds, who are neighbourhood- oriented and readily to extend a helping hand.

  5. What do you love most about your job?
    As a pharmacist who has been in Baulkham Hills for over 15 years, I am humble that my professional service and advice have made a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of my local community members. I am very appreciative of their trust and acceptance. I just want to say that please don’t hesitate to come to us for your needs, even if we have not come across each other yet.

  6. How have you coped with COVID-19 and what are you looking forward to?
    As a pharmacy team, we have been in a more fortunate position to supply therapeutic and preventative good to the community. We have made a great effort to distribute those needed materials fairly. Likewise, we have taken utmost precaution to control contamination amongst our staff and in-store customers.  Wearing mask, keeping personal distance and disinfecting our stocks and surfaces have been our strict daily routine. Hand sanitizers are available to customers at all time. Finally, emotional support and counselling have been carried out to assist staff and customers during this difficult time.

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