Dolche providing World-Class Beauty Treatments

Stockland Birtinya is excited to share that one of our retailers Dolche Cosmetic Clinic & Spa, was recently featured in My Weekly Preview Magazine regarding their World-Class Beauty Treatments.

World-Class Beauty Treatments

The Vision for Dolche is about unlocking the natural beauty and confidence of all who walk through their doors. They believe true beauty is not about changing who you are, but allowing you to become the best version of yourself.

Dolche’s vision is to enhance women’s natural beauty by providing them with beautiful and luxurious treatments, ensuring they feel relaxed and pampered while addressing their overall skin health.

Dolche was created and brought to life by Kate Elizabeth, who has been living and breathing the beauty industry since the age of 16. “I knew at a young age that one day I would open my own cosmetic clinic to provide women with a unique experience that only we can offer,” she says.

After many years of hard work and dedication, Ms Elizabeth has turned her dream into a reality. Having travelled the world to experience beauty treatments from the most high-end aesthetic clinics, she has implemented the best of what she has experienced into Dolche, ensuring her therapists offer treatments that are of the highest quality.

Ms Elizabeth’s passion in life is skin health and she feels strongly about educating clients on the importance of skin care, as well as how to use it and what results they can expect. With this passion in mind, Ms Elizabeth has invested in premium skin care ranges to ensure every client’s skin concerns are targeted, and that they can be put on a homecare regime tailored specifically to their needs.

“I have had at least one beauty treatment done every week for the last 20 years,” she says. “Regardless of what was going on in life, that is my time to unwind and relax and always makes me feel lovely and radiant.

“There is nothing better than feeling as though you are floating out of the clinic after a gorgeous beauty treatment. That is how I want all our clients to feel.”

My Weekly Preview Issue 657. June 03, 2021 - If you would like to see the My Weekly Preview article - click here. 

To contact Dolche Cosmetic Clinic & Spa or view their location and opening hours - click here


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