Those Who Mum

When Cindy Satrio looks at her daughters, she doesn't just see the five year old and the three year old. She also sees glimpses of the future people she hopes they will become.

“It’s not all about who your children are now; it’s about who they will become, and guiding them toward being the kind of people you want them to be, along the way,” says Cindy Satrio, a food science and legal professional who has spent the past almost six years full time with her two daughters. 

Seeing her daughters Jemima (5) and Judith (3) growing and changing brings Cindy the greatest joy.

“As a mum to two daughters, it’s a privilege, every day, to invest in them, to help shape them into the strong, valuable members of the community I hope they will become,” she says. 

Cindy loves sharing the things she values most with her daughters, including humility and filling as many moments as possible with love and laughter. 

“Being a humble person will take you a long way in life. With so much bullying these days – even from as early as the kindergarten years – I believe what’s key is avoiding making your kids feel they’re better than anyone else.”

Cindy is also keen for her daughters to explore and grow, and learn as much as they can about the world.

“Apart from the usual safety boundaries, I allow my girls to do anything and everything – from raiding the dress-up box and creating fabulous characters to donning a bath time ‘bubble beard’.”

Love and laughter in equal measure

In the Satrio household, memorable motherhood moments are never in short supply. “Every time my kids come up to me for a hug and a kiss…they’re the moments that make motherhood so worthwhile.”

Cindy and her daughters have a close bond with her own mother and grandmother: “I see my mother almost every day. My girls love her cooking much more than mine,” laughs Cindy.  

“My daughters are very fortunate to have a great-grandmother. We’re a close-knit family.”

“When you have each other you’re so much stronger”.

Cindy says she is trying her best, every day, to do all she can to help her daughters grow into people who will make a great contribution to the community.

“Motherhood has been a great journey so far. We all have a long way to travel, but I can’t wait to meet the people they will become.”


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