Stockland Bundaberg, it’s a fresh name with all the familiar faces that make it your favourite shopping destination. And one of those well known and loved familiar faces is Leah from Jay Jays.

We had a quick chat with Leah to learn a little more about her.


Stockland Bundaberg: What do you love most about Stockland Bundaberg?

Leah: Jay Jays

Stockland Bundaberg: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Leah: To Fly!

Stockland Bundaberg: What’s your favourite place in the Bundaberg region?

Leah: Elliot Heads Beach!

Stockland Bundaberg Elliot heads

Stockland Bundaberg: My favourite product at my store is and why?

Leah: Licenced product as they’re great fun (Harry Potter, Suicide Squad etc.)Jay Jays

If you knew me, you’d know…“I love helping people”

Stockland Bundaberg: At a karaoke bar, I’d sing?

Leah: I wouldn’t, it would be cruel to others.

Stockland Bundaberg: A must-have product every customer should have from my store and why?

Leah: Show off jeans, best butt!!!

Stockland Bundaberg: If you could have any two individuals over at your place for dinner, who would they be?

Leah: Nikola Tesla and Doreen Virtue

Stockland Bundaberg: The best part of your job is and why?

Leah: Helping people, making them feel good about themselves.

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