This April we celebrate 6 years of Stockland’s Heart Foundation Walking Group.

Meet Esmee Hutchins, Aileen McKay and their Heart Foundation Walking Group. Esmee and Aileen are two original members that started walking 6 years ago this April. The group that started as just a few members then is now made up of 30 members, some which meet daily to walk through the Centre.


The group meet in the Food Court of a morning and get their steps in before the day of trade starts. Stockland now has Heart Foundation Walking Groups in a number of Centres all across Australia offering a safe environment where members can enjoy a walk, have a chat and feel comfortable doing so. The Stockland Bundaberg’s Walking Group sit down twice a year for a morning tea courtesy of the Centre, where the group can all come together to socialise and meet new friends.

There are many reasons to join a walking group, walking helps to reduce stress, be more alert, have a healthier body and build strong relationships. It also helps you feel stronger, more energetic, happier and improves your overall quality and enjoyment of life. If you are interested in joining a Walking Group click here to find out where and when you can start walking to be a healthier you.




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