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Best walking locations in and around Bundaberg

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Top five walking trails near Stockland Bundaberg  Now that the temperature has dropped it’s the perfect time to rug up and get outdoors. Staying active is so important in the cooler months for your physical wellbeing and one of the easiest ways to get moving is by walking. Out amongst nature you can reset, recharge and reconnect and we've discovered the best walking tracks in and around Stockland Bundaberg for you to discover on your next outdoor adventure. 

Sharon Gorge Nature Walk

Enjoy a gorgeous Rainforest walk with plenty of Birds, Wildlife and lush scenery that leads to a Burnett River lookout.

Address: LOT 79 Gin Gin Rd, Sharon (10 minutes from North Bundaberg)
Duration:  Short 900 meter walk that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
Facilities available: Clean Amenities and a lovely shaded area for picnics which features barbeques and sheltered tables at the track entrance.
Track condition: Easy to Medium - This track will get your heart rate up while walking amongst an almost completely shaded track, with bridges, vines and steps.
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Bargara Esplanade to Mon Repo

A very easy and relaxing track that will take you along vibrant Bargara Esplanade, down through Barolin Reserve where you can see Kangaroos, a large variety of Birds, Butterflies and Wildflowers (in the right season), ending at the famous Turtle nesting beach, Mon Repo. Furry friends are allowed along this track, up until the gated entrance of Mon Repo, but no further due to the nesting Turtles.

Address: Bargara Esplanade
Duration:  This walk takes approximately 1 hour to complete, but deserves longer to enjoy the serenity.
Facilities available: Amenities are available at Bargara Esplanade and Mon Repo beach. Bench seating is available along the track, which also features outdoor gym equipment at Neilsons Beach.
Track condition: Easy - This track is great for Mums with prams that want to grab a coffee and enjoy the sunshine or for older walkers who need flatter ground to walk on. This path is also shared by Bike riders.
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Baldwin Swamp Environemental Park

Set right in the heart of Bundaberg, this track lets you unwind and relax while walking throughout the forest areas, around the waterways with plenty of wide life to be seen. Take some bird fee with you to feed the local Ducks who call Lake Ellen home.

Address: 3 George St, East Bundaberg (5 minutes from the Bundaberg CBD)
Duration:  With a choice of a few different tracks available, this walk can be as quick or as long as you like.
Facilities available: Amenities available at Lake Ellen, with bench seating around the park and a Shelter shed.
Track condition: Easy - Mostly shaded dirt and concreted paths make this a great walk right throughout the year.
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Meadowvale Nature Park

Fancy a walk through beautiful bushland, with a chance to see up to 60 species of animals including possible Platypus, Bandicoot, Echdna and Sugar Glider sightings, than Meadovale Nature Park is the perfect choice for your next adventure.

Address: Rosedale Rd, Meadowvale (10 minutes from North Bundaberg)
Duration:  2 short tracks to choose from that lead to Splitters Creek.
Facilities available: A lovely picnic area is available so make sure you take a packed lunch.
Track condition: Easy to medium - The sandy tracks are great for Mums with prams (with pumped up tyres) or to take the kids and their pushbikes.
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Burnett Riverside Walk

Take a walk on the wildside as you venture along the Burnett River, starting from the River Cruz Cafe and making your way to Alexandra Zoo, you can watch the numerous types of boats, fishing vessels, rowers, fisherman and wildlife. 

Address: River Cruz Cafe - 3 Quay St, Bundaberg (1 minute fromthe  Bundaberg CBD)
Duration:  This 3km path take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete.
Facilities available: This track features an outdoor gym and plenty of seating with toilet facilities available at Alexandra Zoo.
Track condition: Easy - This concreted path is perfect for prams, or to take the kids with their scooters, bikes or your furry friend for some fresh air.
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How many walks have you ticked off? Stretch your legs and get a buddy on-board because walking with a friend is a social adventure! There is so much to see and do at each garden, reserve or park that your social calendar will be filled for weeks to come. Want to discover other activities to keep you busy while in isolation? Head straight to our Belong hub and get reading! 

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