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Gift ideas for the FUN DAD

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Does your dad ever tell a joke and you just have to stop and cringe? Does he try to embarrass you in front of your friends with stories from your childhood (they didn’t need to know about the time you wore the potty on your head…)? Perhaps he even insists on joining you and your boyfriend on your romantic movie dates, JUST to see the look of horror on your face! Some dads really are just big kids. Bring out his inner child this year with an awesome gift guaranteed to keep him grinning. 

Available from Best & Less at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $10.50

A goofy dad loves nothing more than a hilarious shirt. People will be stopping and laughing when they read his brand new tee!

Available from Big W at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $15

Superhero undergarments are a must for the fun dad! He’ll be sure to kick some butt in his dreams with these brand new Batman boxers!

Available from Big W at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $25

If dad loves to have fun, then give him the gift of poker! He’ll be sure to have a blast with his friends over some friendly competition!

Available from EB Games at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: See in-store for further details

There is no better gift for the big kid in your life than a brand new XBOX. He’ll never be bored with some new games to go online! (Good luck trying to pull him away…) 

Available from Mister Minit at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $16.95

If your dad is an animation fan, make him laugh with a new accessory to add to his keys! He’ll be sure to smile every time he unlocks the car!

Available from Telstra at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price:  From $1608

Whether he wants to play games or chill out on social media, your dad will never be bored with a brand new iPad. Not only will he love this gift, but you’re sure to be the new favourite child!

Available from Big W at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $49

This family favourite is sure to bring a smile to dad’s face! Get everyone together and maybe let your dad win this one…

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