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Gift ideas for the SPORTY DAD

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AFL, cricket, football, NRL… it doesn’t matter what time of year it is for the sporty dad, he loves to watch anything and everything. Maybe he was the star fullback in his high school rugby league team, or wishes he fulfilled his childhood dream of racing in the Australian Grand Prix? Some dads love ball sports, others enjoy running marathons and some dads simply enjoy sitting back and watching the footy on a Friday night. No matter what sport your old man is into, you’ll win some serious brownie points with one of these sporty surprises.

Available from Big W at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $10

So maybe your dad gets a bit too sweaty at the gym… no need to fear, because with Baylis & Harding’s new Sport Body Wash and Gel, he’ll smell delightful again in no time. 

Available from Big W at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $10

If your dad loves orienteering or trekking, a multitool makes a perfect practical gift. Small and convenient, it’s like giving several gifts in one!

Available from Flight Centre at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: Inquire in store

There’s no better gift than an experience! Send your ski-loving dad away to his snowy paradise (just make sure he brings you back a souvenir!)

Available from Williams at Sugarland Shoppingtown

Price: $149.95

Send dad out to get tough and gritty in a brand new pair of hiking boots; he’ll be trekking his way to style city!

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