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Tuesday - Flash Fried Pork Mince with Green Beans

Category: food

Tuesday - Flash Fried Pork Mince with Green Beans


200g pork mince

1 clove garlic – finely diced

2 slices of ginger – finely diced

3 tsp soya sauce (light)

2 pinches of white pepper

1 tsp sesame oil roasted

2 tbsp peanut oil

300g green beans

½ cup sesame seeds and chicken stock


1. Mix pork mince with garlic, ginger and soya sauce.

2. Heat oil till just smoking and fry port mix while breaking up any clumps of meat that may form.

3. Once meat has browned, add green beans, stock and place lid on pot.

4. Cook for 30 seconds or till beans are just cooked.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  • Serves: 4

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