Gelatissimo has launched not one, but two new OUT OF THIS WORLD flavours, inspired by the newly released Men in Black™: International, in cinemas June 13th.

First, we have MOCHA IN BLACK, a deliciously rich cocoa and coffee flavoured gelato with activated charcoal, creating the distinct black colour of the gelato, making it live up entirely to its name! Every scoop contains a deep, 100% pure cocoa taste complimented by aromatic notes of freshly-roasted Italian coffee, making this an unforgettable flavour.

Then, we have LUNAR LIME, a fun lolly gelato drizzled with a lime ripple and topped with a sour gummy. Its eye-catching green colour is naturally derived, made with no artificial colours or flavours, with a bright green ripple made with real lime rinds to accentuate the sweet and sourness of the flavour, so it’ll be hard to miss!

Available now for limited time only, while stocks last. Visit Gelatissimo Bundaberg near entrance to Blooms the Chemist.

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Start Date: 31 May 2019
End Date: 4 Jul 2019
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