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How to create a cosy and stylish winter bed

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Nothing says winter like a cosy bed to fall into at the end of a chilly day. It’s a little escape from the hustle and bustle and a space that is uniquely yours. So, with the help of an interior stylist, we’ve put together a ‘how to’ on creating a plush and stylish winter bed. From learning how to define your vision, choosing pieces that spark joy, and the top interior bedding trends of 2021, you’ll discover everything you need at your local Stockland Burleigh Heads.    


First, decide on your vision 

One of our favourite things about styling a wonderfully cosy winter bed (and a bedroom in general) is that it doesn’t have to reflect the style of the rest of your home. Unlike the kitchen, dining and living areas, there’s no adjoining space to the bedroom, so you can make it uniquely yours. Love terracotta but don’t want to feature it floor-to-ceiling? Introduce the shade in your bedding. Deciding on the vision of your bedroom as a whole, will dictate the look and feel of your bed – with ‘feel’ being the keyword here, because feeling good and uplifting your mood is exactly what this space should bring you.   


Choose colours and pieces that spark joy in you 

Did you know your mood and emotions are constantly influenced by your surroundings? This is why a room refresh can sometimes feel as good as a holiday. And your bed/bedroom has got to be one of the easiest spaces to give a mini makeover. It doesn’t have to be big! A simple bedding swap here and there, plus a few clever styling tips from our interior stylist, will go a long way to boosting your mood. So, when you’re narrowing down your vision, make sure you choose colours and pieces that spark joy in you. Even go so far as asking yourself out loud ‘will this spark joy for me?’ – if the answer is no, keep looking for inspiration (perhaps read a few of our interior blogs!). Having said this, we also want to make sure our bedding and bedroom styling is as functional as it is uplifting. Did you know selecting the right sheets can go a long way towards ensuring a restful night’s sleep? For those of you in the northern states, materials like bamboo cotton, and linen will be your go-to. While the cooler states may like to hunker down with heavier sheets like 1000 thread count cotton, solar fleece, or flannelette.  


Cosy and stylish winter bed

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Use checked patterned linen and trending colours to style your bed 

Your bedding is also the space to explore your favourite interior trends because linen, pillows, and throws are simple to swap out with the seasons. We spoke to an interior stylist who is seeing plenty of colour and checked pieces coming through for the cooler seasons. Perhaps, this is in response to being at home more than usual in the past year and wanting to brighten them up! For example, regardless of where you stand on the top sheet versus no top sheet debate, there’s something to be said for patterned linen when it comes to styling your bed. You may like a lovely neutral-toned quilt, but you can quickly add style and interest to your bed when you make it, by turning back the quilt with your sheet peeking out. This is a fantastic trick for adding layers to your bedding. 

Cosy and stylish winter bed 

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Use layers to give your bed a magazine-worthy look  

Speaking of layering, nothing says cosy like a plush bed with plenty of layers to snuggle into. And, while we acknowledge that everyone has a unique take on this, there’s a simple solution you can choose to employ if you like. Which is to include a flat sheet, top sheet, quilt, pillows, and throw. The top sheet for styling as we mentioned above, a quilt that you can fill with a doona in winter and remove in the warmer months, European pillows to create a ‘headboard’ if you don’t have one, and a textured throw to add interest to your bed.  


Helpful tip: to make your pillows look even more plush, consider picking up a standard pillowcase and queen or king-sized pillow. This will give a magazine-worthy, luxe appearance.  


Make sure your furniture material and fabrics complement the room 

Your linen and cushion choice will ultimately create the style of your bed but choosing the right bed frame plays an important role, too. The material and fabric colour needs to complement the room – so if you have timber floors and decide on a timber frame, make sure the two go hand-in-hand. When in doubt, it’s hard to go past a white timber bed frame or go one further and look for an ensemble (using the European pillow styling tip from above for layering). And, similarly, ensuring the placement of your bed in the space of your room goes a long way to making it feel larger or smaller. Plus, you want the room to include one or two bedside tables  an essential piece to bring style to your bedroom.  


Cosy and stylish winter bed


When styling your side table, apply the rule of three 

Whether your room is big or small, a bedside table or too is a chic and functional way to up-style your bed. But be careful, they can become classic clutter-collectors. According to our interior stylist, always stick to the rule of three. Think: a reading lamp, a vase with blooms, and an ornament or candle (or any combination of these). For winter 2021, we’re seeing oversized vibrant blooms everywhere – faux or fresh, the choice is yours! And don’t think you need to splash on the décor, there are some fantastic affordable finds at your local Stockland that are bound to complement your bedding. 


Feeling inspired for a winter bedding refresh? You’ll find it all at your local Stockland Burleigh Heads.    


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