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Mindful Gifts for Eco-Conscious Mums


5 eco-friendly gift ideas for Mum this Mother's Day

If you, or your Mum, are part of the growing number of eco-conscious Gold Coasters, then why not give a Mothers Day gift this year that Mother Earth will appreciate, just as much as your real Mother.
There are plenty of gorgeous gift ideas that fit the bill, and no more difficult to track down than any other gift, all available right here at Stockland Burleigh Heads retailers.
We’ve taken the legwork out of it, and rounded up some of the best eco-conscious and mindful gifts from some of our favourite stores, so all you have to do is choose! And a breakfast in bed still might not go astray…
Eco Conscious Gift Ideas for Mothers Day
1. For the out-and-about foodie. If your mum loves her take-away morning flat white, smoothie or Acai bowl, then some great re-usables could be just the thing for a gift you know she will use. Even if she has the KeepCup covered, there’s always the iced-coffee cup, straws and utensils… Healthfood Central stock a great range of well-loved brands such as Ever Eco and Keep Cup.

2. For the green thumb. As the Osho saying goes,  “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be.” So instead of a bunch of flowers this year, consider a gorgeous indoor plant, or seedling for the garden. What greater present than one that keeps growing! Big W have hands down one of the best garden centres around, take your pick from Fiddle Leaf Figs, hanging ferns, succulents, palms, even seedlings. Prices assorted.

3. For the mindful mum. If your mum loves nothing more than diving deep into the latest new age novel, or philosophy paperback, (so long as you can figure out which books she has ticked off of her list already of course), why not grab her the next title to sink her teeth into. Big W have a fantastic wellbeing book section, with new titles arriving all the time. Oprah Winfrey’s latest, “The Path Made Clear”, “Spark Joy” by Marie Condo, or “Every Woman’s Guide to Saving the Planet” by Natalie Isaacs are in stock now.

4. For the beauty buff. Bathroom always full of bottles full of the latest lotions or go-to treatments? Beauty doesn’t have to come in a bottle! Shampoo and conditioner bars are the hottest trend making waves in the ethical beauty world, and stores like Priceline and Healthfood Central have some great brands such as Ethique. Complete the perfect gift (and help the bars last longer) by including a wooden or bamboo soap dish and store the bar out of the shower.

5. For the new-age mumma. Crystals, essential oils and all things new age are ever-so-surely shifting from the off-beat to the everyday, with alternatives help with anything from mood to health and everything in between. With a whole range available in stores such as LaPearl, Loot Homewares and Heathfood Central ask the knowledgeable team in-store about which beautiful stone or sweet-smelling oil might just make your mum’s day.


6. For the sweet-tooth. Cacao bars, vegan ice-cream, bliss balls. There's no reason you can't 'have your eco cake and eat it too', so with many alternatives to choose from. Or perhaps go direct to the source, and grab a basket full of 'nature's sweets' and create a DIY fruit basket for mum with all of her favourites from Earth Markets.


However you choose to gift this Mother's Day, the most important (and most eco-friendly!) gift you can give your mum is time. So while you're at it, be sure to carve out a spot in your diary to sit down for a coffee, take a walk and enjoy the day with your most special lady.


Happy Mothers Day, Burleigh.

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