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Becoming a mum didn’t come easily. In 2013, when we were trying for Eliza, I had a few pregnancy losses. They hit really hard. Eliza was my fourth pregnancy. Everything was perfect. It’s something that’s not really spoken about, yet so many women go through it.  

Now I have two healthy daughters and I really appreciate it. Eliza (3.5) and Eva (1.5) are both September babies. 

When my second daughter, Eva, was born, Eliza came up to meet her and it’s still a moment I’ll never forget. She took to her straight away. The way she looked at her – touching her, smiling, pointing, saying ‘baby’ – she knew. I’ve got photos of that moment. That moment really stands out. Now they get along like a house on fire.

My husband Dave works full time and I’m part time. We both work in emergency services, juggling shiftwork and the kids. It’s busy.

Stockland - Those Who Mum - Mother's Day 2018

Creating new memories

Burleigh has always been a big part of my life. I grew up there. I spent a lot of time there in my early 20s. Because I loved it so much I got married at Burleigh Point.

Since we’ve had our girls, we get to spend time with the girls there, too. Our trips to Burleigh Beach are a bit of a tradition – going to the playground and the beach. It’s about the simple things, really!

Eliza had her first birthday party at Burleigh. We spend every mother’s day there. There’s a shop where our girls like to go wild, playing musical instruments. We’re creating new memories there.

Since becoming a mum I really love Mother’s Day. I love being a mum and watching my girls grow and learn. It amazes me how much they take in and remember. When a child reminds you that a year and a half ago you put a (fake) tattoo on their arm…they recall so much!

Harder than shiftwork

What surprised me was how tiring motherhood could be. I’ve done shiftwork for years and years but this gig is much harder! It takes the cake for never stopping, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I never knew I could love two little people so much. It’s a different love and there’s a real intensity to it.

Advice for mums?

Do whatever works for you and your child. There’s so much wanted and unwanted advice online: only be on the bottle for so long, only breastfeed…it makes it so stressful.

Once I started looking at it from the perspective of doing what works best for me and my child, it made everything a lot cruisier. We found our way – the way that worked.

Oh…and always have wine and beer in the fridge. You’re going to need it!


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