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10 Fun Things To Do At Home When Its Raining Outside

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It’s raining, it’s pouring and the day feels really boring. When the weather is less than ordinary, it can really affect your mood. There’s nothing worse than having a whole day planned and then waking up to find a sky filled with clouds and lightning. Say so-long to your Saturday picnic in the park and get ready to cosy up inside.

The sky may be dark and gloomy, but that doesn’t mean your day has to be. Even though ‘picnic in the kitchen’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, there are plenty of fun activities to do at home when it’s raining outside. 

1. Spend the day cooking 
If you’re looking to pass the time, why not create something delicious in the process? Winter is fast approaching and we have two delicious winter warmer dishes (and one cheeky dessert) that you can whip up in the kitchen. For the ultimate in comfort food, these lamb shanks and this easy gnocchi recipe are meals that the whole family can enjoy. To finish, take your tiramisu addiction up a notch with this quirky take on the traditional dessert. You can pick up all the ingredients you’ll need from Coles and Woolworths.   


2. Start a DIY project with the kids 
If you have little ones to occupy, there’s no better way to spend a day inside than with some fun DIY craft projects. Our three picks are DIY confetti vase, how to make slime and, make your own live volcano. Head into Big W, The Reject Shop, Target or Earlville Newsagency where you’ll be able to find all the pens, paper, glue and glitter that your heart desires. Just make sure you put some towels down first! 

Slime, Vase and Kids Craft

3. Organise your house 
Have you heard of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? If you haven’t, it’s the decluttering craze that’s sweeping the globe and transforming homes all across the world. Even though Marie has a waiting list a mile long in Japan, you can still use the rainy weather to adopt some of her philosophies. Use the poor weather as an opportunity to tackle any mess that might be invading your life. Follow Marie’s lesson and tackle categories, not rooms. For example, work on de-cluttering your clothing first, then books, photographs and so forth. And for some extra tips and tricks on hygiene, check out our Home Hygiene Hacks

4. Have a movie or tv marathon 
Perhaps the most obvious choice when it comes to spending the day inside is a movie or tv marathon. But before you squabble over Harry Potter or Friends, transform your lounge room into the comfy retreat that dreams are made of. You’ll need lots of cushions and throws, pick these up from Target or Harris ScarfeBig W and JB Hi-Fi will have you sorted when it comes to purchasing the box set of your choice and for movie snacks that will please even the fussiest of critics, click here

5. Stock your freezer 
There’s not many foods that work for breakfast, lunch and dessert, but if there was one that did, it would certainly be banana bread. There’s no question that fresh-out-of-the-oven banana bread is delicious, but it also keeps well in the freezer. A rainy day inside is the perfect opportunity to use up all your over-ripe bananas and stock the freezer, so when the weather does come good, you don’t have to waste precious hours slaving away in the kitchen. For other delicious dishes to stock your freezer with, check out our A-Z recipe guide and pick up all your essentials from Coles and Woolworths

Banana Bread

6. Have a spa day 
Life is busy, right? We’re always on the go and that doesn’t leave much time for a little bit of pampering! A rainy day inside is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a little TLC. Get into your comfies (we love these grey ugg boots from City Beach) and set up a quiet corner or room to yourself. First thing on the agenda is the face or hair mask. Pop this on so it can really absorb into your hair or skin, then get started on your mani-pedi. For some extra indulgence, a face mask from Discount Drug Store Earlville or some bath salts from Target will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. 

Bath Robe, Ugg Boots and beauty products

Best&Less Women's Dressing Gown, City Beach Phoenix Ugg Boot, Discount Drug Store Earlville Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Sheet Mask, JB Hi-Fi VS Keratin Protect Hair Dryer, Professionail OPI Nail Lacquer, Target English Garden Bath Salts, The Reject Shop Nail File 2pk

7. Get your kids into cooking 
It’s dark and gloomy outside, so why not transport the kids to Mexico on this rainy day? Or a tropical destination like Fiji? If you can’t go outside, you can at least pretend! Take this opportunity to teach your kids how to whip up some delicious dishes in the kitchen. These fruity ice-blocks will remind the kids of bright, sunny days on the beach and you can transport the whole family to Mexico with these easy crispy chicken tacos. Not only will you have an amazing time teaching the little ones a new skill, but it’s the perfect opportunity to bond. Grab all the ingredients you’ll need from Coles and Woolworths

8. Throw a slumber party for the kids 
The weather outside is frightful, but it does make for the most delightful slumber party. Whip out the mattresses and sleeping bags, because things are about to get cosy! Some fun pyjamas like these from Best&Less and Target will get the party started and you can’t have a slumber party without popcorn, movies and games! Stop in at Big W, JB Hi-Fi and Sanity to pick up the latest blockbusters. Finally, for extra tips on how to host the ultimate sleepover, click here

Slumber Party Products

Best&Less Girls Fashion Gown, Big W Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle, Big W Popcorn Maker, EB Games Nintendo Switch Neon Console, Target Astro Sloth Flannelette Pyjama Set, Target Creature Features Kids Sleeping Bag, The Reject Shop Cable Knit Socks, Woolworths Kinder Chocolate Mini Sharepack, Woolworths Skittles Fruits

9. Have a games day 
Whether you’re into Monopoly, Scrabble, Guess Who or just love a game of Go Fish, there’s no better time to host a games day than when the weather turns sour. A game of Twister or Charades is perfect for the whole family to enjoy (and will release some of the little one’s pent-up energy) or a game of Pictionary will showcase everyone’s creative and artistic side. The best part? You can pick up most of these board games in-centre from Big W. Plus, to give things an exciting and competitive edge, start a tally for the winner of each game and present them with a fun prize at the end.  

10. Organise your wardrobe/donate to charity 
We get it, it’s not the most exciting of jobs, but cleaning out your wardrobe is one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs you can do (once it’s over at least…) So, stop putting it off, a rainy day is the perfect time to get on top of that overflowing mess! Start by segmenting your clothing into types – dresses, tops, pants, skirts, outerwear. Then, make smaller piles: keep, throw, donate. Go one step further and switch out all your hangers to matching velvet hangers from Target, it will make you feel luxurious and glamorous, every time you open the doors. 

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