Shopping with Kids

Your local Stockland hosts an array of events, activities and entertainment for kids, particularly during the school holidays.

To find out what’s on, you can check the events section of the site or sign up with Stockland for monthly email updates. Be sure to tick “kids” under interests so that you receive the latest kids events and offers.

Tropics of the Imagination Kids Playground

Tropics of the Imagination is an inclusive indoor playground that allows children of all abilities to play together. 

Inspired by the tropical rainforests, meandering rivers and coastal reefs that encircle cairns.  

The playground features a giant dugong and manta ray, hopping rocks, and a treehouse to encourage children to interact and play. 

The indoor kids playground is located at Centre Court near Target. Find out more about the playground here

Quiet Room

Designed to offer a safe place for parents, carers and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The quiet room provides a calm, low sensory environment which can be used as a retreat away from a busy shopping centre.

The quiet room is located behind the indoor kids playground at Centre Court and is open! 

To access this space, see the team at Customer Care, located outside Woolworths. 

Parents Rooms

Being a parent or carer of young children and going shopping can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the nitty gritty, so at Stockland Cairns we like to make sure our parents, carers and children are all comfortable in our modern and clean parent rooms. 

The Centre has two parent rooms available for your use, located in the Food Court and behind Centre Stage. Both rooms are fully equipped with the following facilities for your comfort and convenience:

- General Amenities 

- Comfortable seating & private feeding areas

- Change tables & heated baby wipes

- Microwaves & bottle warmers

- Televisions and secure play areas

All parents and carers are welcome in our parents rooms, we also welcome all feedback and recommendations here


Parents with prams car parks are located in the under croft car park, close to both the Centre Court ramp entrance and the lift entrance.

These parks are wider, out of the weather and conveniently located for ease of access to ramps, escalators and the elevator. 

Conveniently park your pram or trolley at the entrance to our Tropics of the Imagination play space located at Centre Court. 

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