Stockland Cairns has been delighted to be able to offer a number of Sensory events within the Centre to welcome families with special needs into a comfortable and safe environment.

In the September school holidays the Centre had a Hot Wheels event for a week and were able to secure two pre-trade sensory sessions where bookings were required to alleviate queues; lights were dimmed and the Centre music was turned off. This proved to be a successful and popular event enabling us to follow this with pre-trade sensory craft sessions in our Santa's workshop in the lead up to Christmas. Stockland Cairns continues to be the only Cairns shopping Centre to offer these type of sensory sessions. 

Please see below some of the feedback we have received from our Sensory Santa Sessions 2016. 


"December 2016, I took my 8 yr autistic daughter to Sensory Santa at Stockland Cairns. We found the session to be very welcoming. My daughter was treated with the utmost respect and inclusion. The Santa was brilliant, he talked and joked around with her letting her touch and pat the animal displays around him which nearly brought tears to my eyes. She was stoked that she even got to sit in his chair with him standing behind her!! We will definitely go back again in 2017. Thanks.  We also went to the sensory Christmas craft session held at the centre too. The ladies there were absolutely awesome.

We truly need more of these activities for our kids.

Regards Maria"


"My name is Dee and my grandson is 10 this year and has autism, high anxiety, sensory disorder and ADHD.  We have used sensory Santa at Stockland Earlville in Cairns each year since it began.  We have found it a brilliant idea and the staff and Santa are brilliant with all our family particularly my grandson Aaron.  Santa knew exactly how to make him feel at ease and relaxed.  For us as his family having an allotted time and no loud music and crowds saves a lot of stress and emotional distress on all of us.  Please please keep this going and it would be great to see more events that are sensory friendly.

Thank you so much for organising sensory Santa and a big Thank you to Santa and his helpers they were brilliant..

Dee and Aaron"


"We attended our Sensory Santa session in Cairns. We thought it was amazing. We didn’t have to wait in a line which was great, the kids got to take their time and talk to Santa. The photos we got were fantastic because they were relaxed and happy. Thank you for all your hard work.

 Regards Melanie"


"Sensory Santa at Stockland Cairns was simply incredible. The Scene to Believe staff were very patient and had previous experience working with Special Needs Children. The Santa set was absolutely magical. Santa was great with the children he had a calm voice and was very patient. The first family that came, their child had been afraid of Santa and the parents were unsure how they would go... but as soon as he saw Santa he went running into Santa’s arms.. there were tears coming from both parents eyes.. they were so surprised and so thankful this was their first ever Santa photo. With 10 minutes they got a huge selection of photos and brought the whole package.... Having Sensory Santa gives so much back to families with special needs. Sensory Santa at Stockland Cairns impacted on me, Santa, the photography team and everyone of the families.     


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