Chi'mac 12 has arrived at Stockland Cairns! 

Chi’mac 12 is a Korean bistro that specialises in extra crispy and extra spicy fried chickens and beer.

It is the first of its kind in the state!

Fully licensed restaurant perfect for families or friends open for lunch and dinner til 9pm.

The CHI'MAC12 Chicken is our own secret, special blend of 12 spices blended to perfection. We could talk about secret scrolls being passed down from generation to generation with special exotic ingredients, but instead we will let our chicken do the talking for us. 

Once you have tasted our chicken you will easily see the quality and care that has gone into our recipes, setting us apart from our competitors. CHI'MAC 12 is fried twice, giving the skin a crunchier and less greasy feel than American Fried Chicken. Our recipes call for smaller, younger medium sized chicken, resulting in a more tender meat. 

Our most popular dish is the SS (Sweet & Spicy) Chicken with it's unique tasty sauce, that has been crafted with double the amount of normal ingredients, a blend of 24 unique ingredients go into creating our signature dish. 

Our crispy and tender chicken dishes are best enjoyed with our pickled radishes (chikin-mu or chicken radish), SM12 lager beer (maekju), or a variety of flavours of Korean Soju, a clear distilled spirit traditionally made from rice, wheat or barley. 


Chi'mac 12 is located in the Food Court opposite Pie Face and next to Lantern Lane. 


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