Cairns Community Mural Project

Stockland are seeking Expressions of Interest submissions from professional, local artists to be considered in a competitive short list process towards the remunerated engagement of a concept design, and ultimate mural artwork, for an exciting project forming part of the larger Stockland Cairns development to create a unique, local public art trail through the centre.

For the purpose of the Stockland Cairns Public Art Mural project, public art is defined as:An original, physical artwork specifically designed and created by a local artist for public display that enhances the environment, whilst promoting community pride and a sense of belonging, and creating a stronger connection to community cultural life. Artists may submit an EOI either as an individual or as part of a team.

Location & Environment

Stockland Cairns Shopping Centre is located at 537 Mulgrave Road, Earlville, and is a destination for locals, families, businesses and visitors. The murals must withstand the North Queensland climatic elements and be waterproof and non-toxic, with the external murals also being UV resistant.  

Artwork Brief & Eligibility

There are 5 sites available for artists to select from.  You may submit a mural design and fee proposal for one or more locations. It is a condition of submission that the public artwork(s) have an aesthetic value, is of high quality, inspires community pride and respect (for community members and for the work itself), and has a strong sense of engagement, involvement and ownership with/by community members.  For this reason, the artist(s) must be local to the Cairns and/or Far North Queensland area.  This component, the ability of the project to involve and engage the local community and to inspire ownership, is a key element of a proposal’s success.  The artwork(s) should educate people as to the diversity of the local culture and create a focus of community pride for being ‘local’. 

Enhancing the amenity, the artwork(s) will showcase and raise the profile of local artists, whilst bringing people together.All murals are to be completed on site on the wall substrate as specified for each location (not offsite and brought in and assembled).Should applicants be under the age of 18 years, they must seek permission from their parent or guardian.  In this case, any shortlisted fees and commissions will be awarded to the parent or guardian.  

Overall Centre Vision & Brand

Responding to the locals and the surrounding environment the Cairns palette is natural, honest and warm.Layering and earthy tones are used to create a space that you will want to spend time in and challenge the sterile stereotype of a shopping centre. 



Expressions of Interest with fee proposals are to be received via email NO LATER THAN 5pm AEST Friday 17 April 2020.  If you require clarification or further information regarding this EOI please contact:

Kiera van Doornum – Project Coordinator


Office: 07 3305 8641

Mobile: 0478 489 063

Shortlisted Artists contacted and announced on by: 5pm AEST Monday 27 April 2020 

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