New all-inclusive children’s playground now open

Inspired by our tropical reef and rainforest, our new all-inclusive children’s playground - Tropics of the Imagination is now open, located at Centre Court near Target.

Built in collaboration with Urban Play and Variety – the Children’s Charity, the new playground features innovative designs to allow all children with all abilities to play together, including those with physical disabilities, vision, hearing and mobility impairments, or spectrum disorders such as autism.

Our playspace removes the barriers experienced by children living with disabilities and provides all children who visit to have the same access and opportunities that others enjoy, allowing all children to feel comfortable letting their imaginations run wild and enjoy playing.

Featuring a variety of elements including the giant Dexter the Dugong, Lunar the Manta Ray and the rainforest tree house, the new playspace encourages children to interact, role play and play. This is the latest playground built in collaboration with Variety, continuing our ongoing partnership, working together to bring creative and inclusive playspaces across Stockland communities. 

View the video below and visit the centre to meet our new friends Dexter the dugong and Luna the Manta Ray.


New all-inclusive children’s playground now open

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