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Let’s be honest, when Boost started, it was not started by an experienced seasoned retailer, it was started by me, a girl from the burbs who had no idea about business, but had a heart for adventure. My husband and I were new in our marriage, and wanted to be in more control of our destiny. I had worked in industries from advertising, to Nanny-ing in France to even a stint with David Bowie on his yacht in France (OK, I know what you are thinking, wow Bowie… well for those old enough to remember David Bowie anyway… and yes I met amazing people and went to amazing places, but guess who had to clean the 10 toilets on board??). Then I was back in Australia where I worked for a movie company called UIP in publicity, but I had never ran a business, but then again, I had never been a stewardess on a yacht before either.

In 1999 during a trip with my husband to the USA we saw the Juice and Smoothie category over there. To be honest, I did not like the concept in the USA, but I did like the category of good for you, healthy products. With a blank piece of paper, Boost was created. We drew up a business plan, (looking back at that plan it was more of a marketing report than a business plan), and presented it to some of Jeff’s radio mates. I was humbled by the faith that they had in myself and Jeff to turn their hard earn cash into a business.There was also a level of responsibility that came along with being accountable for other peoples money.

Jeff found a site in South Australia in King William Street and we had his Dad sit out the front of the store countingpeople and if they were male, female and roughly how old they were. Once we were happy with the flow we signed our first lease and opened our first store in SA. Boost worked from day one. We built the business one customer at a time, we were one of the first retailers to introduce a loyalty program and we put a massive guarantee in the store so I could hear everyone’s feedback. The customer is always, always first. 11 years on we have the same philosophies, passion and commitment to getting it right every time, so we love getting your feedback, we do not always get it right everytime, but if we know about it, we fix it .So email usthe good, bad and the ugly as this is the way we get better, and your feedback is the reason we are growing.

300 stores in 10 countries later, we are still growing strong, thanks to our amazing Boosties that work for us everyday, our Franchise partners, suppliers and our customers, for without these people who inspire me everyday, we would be just another retail store. THANK YOU!!!!!

The vibe club is the juiciest one you’ll join! The whole reason the vibe club exists is because we really love our customers and want to reward you and vibe members can enjoy a stack of Boost benefits.
- Every 11th Boost is FREE
- Exclusive offers
- A free Boost on your birthday
- Exclusive competitions with heaps of cool prizes
- Monthly newsletters
- Join Now!

Option #1 – vibe app
Ordering your favourite smoothies and managing your vibe membership details has never been easier and more convenient.
- Download the Boost Juice app on your smart phone.
- Enter in your details
- Check out Mates Rates for your introductory discount.
- Click on Order Now to order your favourite Boost!

Other features that will come in handy:
- My Boost Points – manage and track your Boost points
- Order Now – select your closest store to order or see your order history
- Find Us – store locator
- Our Menu – including ingredients and nitty gritty details
- Mates Rates – exclusive offers and discounts
- What’s New? – be first to know of all the latestdrinks and competitions
- What The? – all your questions answered
- All About Me – manager your account details
- Links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep you in the Boost loop
- If you have an existing vibe card, just log in using the same details and your information will be transferred automatically.

Option #2 – vibe card
For those of you who get a little sentimental about those cards in your wallet, take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered. You can pick up a vibe card from any Boost store and register online! Registering is important so we know who you are and how to reward you for being one of our favourite customers. Click here HERE to ‘Register Your Card’ or use the tab on the left hand side of the page and follow the prompts. Once that’s sorted, you’re set to start enjoying the benefits!
Whichever way you choose to sign up to vibe, the most important thing is that you are now a part of the Boost family and we love our vibe club members! For more details on VIBE club, check out the FAQ’s and get all the information
To keep an eye on your points, just log into your account using the ‘Check Your Points’ link on the left side of screen.

Become a very important boost enthusiast today! Oh and tell your friends because sharing is caring. Love life!

Opening Hours

Monday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 10:30am - 4:00pm

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