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Packing for a day out with the kids

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When it comes to packing for a day out with the kids, there is a fine line between taking the essentials and packing for every situation. It seems that no matter how young your children are, baby wipes are an essential to tackle so many sticky situations. Try the new gentle and Dermatologically tested Cub range fromColes.

Snacks, snacks, snacks and water- bananas come in their own packaging and are a healthy and energy boosting snack whilst being easy to pack in this large Kmart rope beach bag (and for only $12, ). Lunch boxes with compartments are perfect for packing snacks smartly and to keep them fresh. Also available from Kmart. The Water3 double-walled, vacuum sealed and insulated stainless steel bottles are perfect for keeping your water cold (or hot) for up to 12 hours.They are made of tough reusable (and recyclable) stainless steel and won’t get damp condensation on the exterior. So your dry bag and the stuff in it stays dry.These Water3 drink bottles are available from Huss's Grill Cafe.

And in this climate, suncream and hats are a must! With a suncream to suit every skin type- including SPF BB Cream, Terry White Chemmart will have you and the kids covered for the day! Stocking Natural Instinct, a favourite with many parents for its gentle and natural ingredients. Plus Terry White Chemmat Caloundra have a huge range of adults and childrens hats, with many made from SPF sun smart material to offer that extra protection needed for our coastal lifestyle.

This light and large Turkish towel ($7) from Kmart also doubles as a picnic rug when it’s time to stop in the shade and enjoy all those snacks.

Large bag packed for kids


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