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Our top feel good fitness essentials

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Stay prepared with this essential fitness gear from Stockland Caloundra

If you’re craving that feel-good boost of energy that comes from a killer workout but are lacking the gear, Stockland Caloundra has got you covered. Pick up the fitness essentials that will motivate you to move your body each day and turn that ‘every other day’ workout into a daily habit. From sole-supporting runners to kettlebells, yoga mats, fitness trackers, and everything in between, you’ll find everything you need at your local Stockland centre. So, tie up those shoelaces and get moving everyone!


Equip yourself

Prepare yourself for a streamlined workout where you can grab what you need and go, go, GO – with essentials like a staple yoga mat, a decent set of weights, fitness bands, and more from Kmart. You could even go one step further with some at-home equipment like an exercise bike or elliptical also from Kmart. Top it off with a foam roller for recovery, and you’re set!

Fit fashion

There’s nothing better than throwing on a new set of moisture-wicking activewear and supportive runners from Kmart to keep you on track with your fitness goals. And with activewear now making its way onto the fashion scene with comfy jogger pants and a sweater, layered with a cool trench available at Kmart, you’ll be ready to hit the pavement (for a run, or a takeaway coffee – your choice).



 Left to right: Bluebooth smart watch, Kmart; Yoga mat, Kmart; Backpack, Kmart; Activewear, Kmart; Weights, Kmart; Activewear, Kmart


Boost your workout with some fit-tech that will act like your very own personal trainer. Just think a fitness tracker to keep you accountable, a pumping mini speaker to uplift your workout, and a noise-cancelling set of headphones all available from Kmart to extend that workout a little bit further (you know you can do it!).


All the accessories

While you don’t need every fitness accessory to smash a great HIIT workout or find your calm with a blissed-out yoga session – they certainly help! Arm yourself with some fit accessories like a phone-cradle armband for that run, or a sturdy backpack from Kmart for a hike with your mates. Just be sure to pack a big water bottle from House to stay hydrated! Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Find all the essential fitness gear inspiration and more, at Stockland Caloundra.


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