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Already the stepmother to a lovely teenage boy and girl, this Mother’s Day will be Amy’s second as a biological mother. Being a mum in a blended family has meant Amy has come to appreciate her own mum even more.

“I’ve become a step-parent to two amazing teenaged kids and it’s been a delight seeing my thirteen-month-old boy Zephyr’s eyes light up every time he sees them. They are such amazing role models and it’s fabulous to know they will always be in my boy’s life.”

“I’ve known my stepchildren for ten years now and it’s been great seeing them grow from little ones into young adults.”

Stockland - Those Who Mum - Mother's Day 2018

Amy and her family have always been passionate fans of the outdoors.

“Where we live in Queensland, we’re surrounded by beautiful beaches. From visiting the beach to going to the playground, our excursions to the beach have taken on an extra joyful dimension. Watching how the older kids look after Zephyr – who can now walk and run around –it’s pure joy. They’re fantastic siblings.”

“My husband, his children and I are teaching Zephyr to love the outdoors as much as we do.”
Have fun, slow down and enjoy the moment

“Being a mum has really taught me the importance of having fun, slowing down and really enjoying the moment,” Amy says. “It’s so easy to get tied up in knots about the world around us, about work. Our kids, they’re only little for so long. They only need you for so long. So take time to enjoy the cuddles and the smiles.”

Becoming a mum and a step-mum has meant Amy’s respect for her own mum is growing ever stronger.

“As a child – and even as a teenager – you just don’t understand. I’ve always loved and admired my mum. But until you walk in your mum’s shoes you don’t fully appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made. 
Having children has strengthened our relationship even further.”

“My mum had four kids and did such a great job. I talk to her often. She’s such a great role model.”

“For me it’s important to acknowledge my mum, and all the other mothers I know, including the friends of mine who have become mums. It’s an incredible network of support and love.” 


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