So much of a Dad’s work can go unsung. Father’s Day is one of the precious few chances we get to celebrate him. Matt shares his special story this Father's Day as part of The Dad Files editorial series.

To a family of boys: two girls 

Moffat Beach Brewing a restaurant, bar and brewery overlooking Moffat Beach, about an hour north of Brisbane. Matt brews all beer on-site.

Matt Wilson and his wife are the visionaries who’ve had the venue for six years. They added the brewery three years ago and their numerous award-winning beers include Social Jam, a fresh, easy drinking mid-strength pale ale. Recently they were awarded ‘Champion - Small Independent Brewery’ at the IBA Indies. 

Matt is father to daughters Aidan (8) and Lilly (7). “I remember before we had kids we had a neighbour who was a wonderful, beautiful man. I took that on board. I wanted to be like him: a dad that’s loving and caring – but well-rounded as well - - knowing when to be tough, and when NOT to be.”

“When Aidan was born we didn’t find out what we were having. I’m from a family of boys and she was the first girl to come along. It was a massive emotional moment - and great. I remember saying oh my god can’t believe I have a little girl.”

“Lily being born was wonderful as well. And just being around them all the time – that’s memorable.”

For Matt, being a dad is about giving his kids the best experiences and the best start in life. 

Their busy hospitality business and with both working in the venue on Sundays to help keep wages down means they do miss out on their family weekends “but we try to give them everything we can afford – dancing, netball…they have a little bit of a go at everything”.

The couple makes sure they reward the girls once a year: this year it was a trip to Japan to give them a different cultural experience.

Dad Files

Aidan the foodie, Lilly more outgoing

“Aidan can be quite reserved and very caring. She is a bit of a foodie, which is cool. She probably gets that from growing up in our shop. She eats anything from oysters to marinated white anchovies – most people would turn their noses up at them!”

“When we were in Japan at start of this year, Aidan took to skiing really well; she has done skiing for a few years now. In Japan she did the Olympic downhill course, but here in Australia she struggles to ride her bicycle because she gets scared. Take her to Japan and she can ski down the side of the mountain!”

“Lilly’s a little bit more outgoing and more adventurous. In our shop she’ll joke around with the chefs and make herself a milkshake. She does have a dominant personality – that’s both good and bad at times!”

Irons well, rubbish at hair

“I see myself as having many roles in my girls’ lives. Each morning it’s important to get them up, get uniforms ready, get their breakfast and on their way.”

“I’m an ex-soldier from the army and one of the things I learned was how to iron properly - I iron their uniforms really well for school." I do a bit of everything but I’m pretty rubbish at doing their hair!”

On Father’s Day the Wilsons are generally very busy in thier restaurant helping other families mark the day. At the end of this busy day in the restaurant, Matt looks forward to coming home and celebrating Father's Day with his family and enjoying a quiet evening together.  

Dad Files

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