Q & A with Stockland Cleveland Retailer Leighton, who together with his lovely wife Sarah, own and operate Healthy Passion.
Why did you start a café?
"We Bought Healthy Passion as an existing Business, having never run a café before, but my wife Sarah has had catering experience before.
It was a bit of a sea change having moved from Adelaide to take the business over. We have since transformed the look to reflect an Industrial feel and enjoy what we do."

Who makes up your team?
"My wife Sarah and I, plus Lou who has been with Healthy Passion for a long time and two Juniors Hannah and Macie."

What makes your café the best? 
"We pride ourselves on the freshness of our products and excellent customer service."

What do people request the most? 

"Our most popular request would be for our Roast Vegie Stack on Turkish."

What’s your favourite menu item?
"Our awesome Coffee".

Tell us about your exclusive coffee beans and how you prepare the best cuppa in town?
"We have worked with a local young roaster to be able to create our own special blend, exclusive to Healthy Passion. We make sure our grind is set just right and of course, the frothing of the milk and temperature."
How would you describe your café to someone who had never visited before? 
"Healthy Passion is a friendly family run café offering fresh, healthy wholesome home made menu items as well Fresh Juices, Smoothies and our own house blend coffee. We also offer a range of Gluten Free, Raw Cakes and Slices." 

Tell us a bit about your menu? 
"All of our products are sourced locally which allows us to support other small businesses within Qld. All our food is made from scratch daily and has far more health benefits than deep fried food alternatives." 

What do you enjoy the most about working at Cleveland?

"Being a part of the community, our regular customers and of course Cleveland is a beautiful part of the world to live."

Why visit Healthy Passions?
"Best Fresh Sandwich’s and Gourmet Turkish’s in Cleveland! Excellent Coffee, Fresh Juices and Smoothie’s and Excellent Service."

You'll find Healthy Passion, in the Coles Mall.

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