Forster Playground Upgrade

Building connected communities is important to us. That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’re upgrading our kids' play area to provide a leading space for families to meet and children to play at Stockland Forster. 

For more updates on this development, keep an eye out on this web page where we will continue to provide relevant updates.



Where is the kids' playground space located at Stockland Forster?

Our play area is located at the Southern entry, near Commonwealth Bank, Greater Bank and Jamaica Blue.


When will the new kids' playground be open?

The kids playground is estimated to open early 2024.


Are there any other playgrounds customers can use while works are taking place?

We currently have one playground at Stockland Forster. However, we do host regular kids' activities including interactive workshops and events which take place each school holidays.


What children's age range is the new play space best suited to?

The play area is an inclusive play space which caters for children and parents of all abilities and ages to play side-by-side.


Will the new kids' playground offer sun shade?

Yes, the new play area will offer shade.


Will the new kids' playground provide seating?

Yes, the upgrade includes surrounding seating.


Will works impact parking, walkways or pedestrian access to the centre?

As to be expected with construction works, we anticipate there may be temporary short-term changes to pedestrian traffic conditions however, pedestrian access to the centre will be maintained.

What will the new kids' playground look like? What improvements will be made?
Please see below for some images of what the playground will look like. Keep in mind that these are artist's impressions, shared for illustrative purposes only.