The Mayors Giving Tree

Stockland was surprised by the generosity of two local residents Kevin and Sandy Jackson who donated 3 bikes complete with helmets on Thursday 18th December. Mrs Jackson said 'We hope our generosity makes a couple of kids happy this Christmas and gets the message out to community to donate even the smallest of gifts'. Anything you can offer makes a difference to a child who perhaps goes without any gifts at Christmas. 

The Mayor’s Giving Tree is located in front of Big W at Stockland Gladstone, with all gifts donated being distributed locally by Captain Jeff Bush at the Salvation Army. The initiative has been running for many years now and averages around 160-200 gifts being donated to the under-privileged children of the community every year. 

The Salvation Army supports this initiative as it is most appropriate due to the high volume of children whose Christmas will be brightened by the generosity of the Gladstone region.  Captain Jeff Bush, of the Salvation Army said that “Christmas is the hardest time for disadvantaged children who feel left out,” and this is a wonderful combined initiative between Mayor Gail Sellers, Stockland Gladstone and The Salvation Army.

Gladstone’s Mayor, Gail Sellers, is very proud to be involved in such a charitable cause which displays the community spirit of the region. Blank Gift Tags are placed on the tree allowing each giver the opportunity to choose the age group and sex of the children to which they wish to give presents.  

Make someone’s Christmas easier and take pleasure in embracing the true Christmas spirit with the Stockland Gladstone Mayor’s Giving Tree. It will be available up until 5.30pm on Christmas Eve. 

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