Late night at the Mall ennium Falcon

You never know who you'll bump into when you visit Stockland Gladstone - family, friends, neighbours and the odd dark warrior from the galactic empire who decided to do some shopping. 
The Galactic Empire has rolled into in town for PopCon – Kylo Ren, a Jedi Knight and Sabé one of  Queen Amidala’s Handmaidens were “doing late night” at Stockland Gladstone for a spot of retail therapy.
 In a rare moment of relaxation, these age-old foes were spotted together having some fun at Stockland Gladstone, causing surprise and excitement among shoppers.

Joanne Lewis, marketing manager at Stockland Gladstone said: “Battling the empire must be hard work, so we are glad that we could provide some refuge to our gang of inter-galactic travellers. We hope they enjoyed their evening out and that they’ll take time out of their busy schedule to visit again soon.”

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