Meet Claude.

Claude pushes his lawnmower around Australia raising awareness and collecting donations for Bravehearts.

On Friday the 9th Claude and his lawnmower will be rolling into Stockland Gladstone!

If you would like to come and say hi and snap a quick selfie, you will find Claude in front of Best & Less on Friday at lunchtime where he will be collecting donations for Bravehearts.

Here’s a little bit more about Claude 'The MowerMan' Hervey:

"I am a passionate Gold Coast charity campaigner.  Over the past 10 years my lawnmower and I have become regular fixtures on the city streets, trekking all over QLD.

I was born in Kempsey, NSW in 1945.  I became an active and dedicated Bravehearts volunteer after watching footage on the news of a paedophile being arrested for sexually assaulting a child. Having seen this I thought, “We all would like to hurt the perpetrator, but how many of us would think to help the victim?”.

Further motivation came when two family friends disclosed that they had been sexually assaulted and were too frightened to speak out.

From that day, I vowed to do everything possible to ‘make a difference in the lives of child sexual assault survivors’ – and that is exactly what I have done.

Bravehearts is a great organisation and for more than a decade I have rolled my well-worn mower around the streets, pubs, beaches and tourist strips of the Gold Coast.

In 2008, I capitalised on growing popularity by completing a four week walk from the Gold Coast to Sydney, collecting donations along the way.

My reason for such extraordinary endeavours is simple: I want all Australians, in every town and village, to be aware of child sexual assault, and to ensure the many victims of child sexual assault (1 in 5 children before their 18th birthday) are believed and supported."


To donate please visit https://goo.gl/CgiSvi

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