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Eleven of our very own talented Gladstone athletes that have been selected to participate in Special Olympics in Adelaide 2018.

Special Olympics is a year-round sports program for all people with an intellectual disability who can also access competition pathways which pinnacle at the World Games.

Special Olympics is proud to be the only organization authorized by the International Olympic Committee to use the word “Olympics” under a protocol of agreement signed in 1988.

Gladstone has 11 athletes selected for the National Games in 2018. This is the largest number we have ever had! We are very proud of the athletes for their dedication and coaches for the time they have given to train, teach and mentor our athletes.

The Nationals are on 11th-16th April 2018 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The fundraising total is $38,000 - this will ensure that each and every member of the team receives uniforms, travel/transport, accommodation, training camp and meals. All athletes have 24 hour care by volunteers. They have a short 6 months to raise these funds.

Jump on and like the Special Olympics Gladstone Facebook Page to see how you can help, support and be part of loads fun activities and events - let's get these dedicated athletes to Adelaide.

Meet Team Gladstone:

Basketball: Nicole Corowa, Rachel Smith

Football (Soccer): Adam Knust, Beau Westlake, George Button, Tyler Roberts

Swimming: Ruby Lawler, Levi Harris

Equestrian: Ellie Bloomfield, Sarah Rukavina, Shelby Davis-Hill


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