There are a wide range of centre services and amenities at Stockland Gladstone and we are always willing to help if you require further assistance.

The Centre Management Office is open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday for your convenience. 

Free Wi-Fi

Shoppers at Stockland Gladstone can enjoy the benefits of free WiFi by conveniently surfing the internet through a fast and reliable wireless internet connection for laptops/ notebook computers and PDA's throughout the centre.

Justice of the Peace

For your convenience, a free Justice of the Peace service is available every Thursday from 6pm between Commonwealth Bank and Westpac.

Disabled Amenities

Disabled toilets are located near Newsxpress. Disabled parking spaces are located outside the Flight Centre and Commonwealth Bank entrances to the centre and near each entrance to Coles, Kmart and Target Country.

Lost and Found

If you've lost something, we can try to help you find it. Please visit Centre Management to lodge a report.

Mobility Equipment

Stockland Gladstone has a Motorised scooter and wheelchair available for hire from the Centre Management Office. To book please phone (07) 4978 1944.

5 Star Parents' Room

Our well-equipped Parents' Rooms is located down the corridor between Newsxpress and Jay Jays, with facilities for:

Facilities include: 
• Change tables and nappy bins      
• Wash basins                    
• Microwave and bottle warming 

• Private feeding rooms

• Heated wipes

• Play area for the kids 

• ABC Kids screening all day

Centre Management

Our people enjoy being able to help and you'll find our Centre Management office located outside near OPSM.

Open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday and offering a variety of services you need to make shopping easier.

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