If you have questions or would like to know more about the development in general, how we propose to manage impacts like traffic, transport, access and parking; or you’d like to know more about our commitment to the community and the environment – the answers may be here. We are always seeking to hear your thoughts, please let us know if we can be of assistance.

Q. What does the redevelopment actually involve?

A. The centre will undergo a complete transformation with a new David Jones Department Store, an additional 37,000 square metres for approximately 225 specialty shops, a casual dining garden courtyard and food court and an additional 1,500 car parking spaces bringing the total to approximately 3100. Car parking will remain free and see the introduction of a Park Assist Guidance System.

Q. What new shops are going to be in the centre?

A. A David Jones Department Store will be part of the new centre. It will take up approximately 6,000 square metres of floor space and will be located on the upper level of the new retail mall. It will be located near the corner of Stronach Avenue and Mitchell Drive. There will also be a new Target store, and an expanded and improved fresh food precinct.

Q. Will the existing centre be demolished?

A. No. About 50 per cent of the existing retailers will be retained as part of the new centre, which will mean it can continue to trade during construction. The majority of new development will occur along Molly Morgan Drive and Mitchell Drive. Big W, Woolworths and Coles will all continue to trade without impact with convenient access remaining from the undercover car park where Park Assist has been installed. There will be times where some specialty shops will close temporarily however once completed, we anticipate about 90 per cent of the existing retailers will be reinstated.

Q. Will the expanded centre generate more noise in the local area (once operational)?

A. The new centre has been designed to ensure loading docks are located to minimise noise impacts on surrounding residential areas. To mitigate any noise impacts from the new loading dock areas, the following will be implemented:

  • A 1.8 metre high barrier along Stronach Avenue
  • Sound absorption panels within walls and in the loading docks
  • Limits on night time deliveries.

Q. Are there any changes to the traffic flow surrounding the shopping centre during construction, and what are the permanent changes?

A. Yes. There will be short term changes to the local streets during the construction phase. More information will be made available to local residents closer to the start of implementing the changes.

In the long term, there will be:

  • Two new signalised intersections – one at Mitchell Drive and one at Molly Morgan Drive
  • A new road which will be a continuation of the existing Chelmsford Drive, from the New England Highway to Molly Morgan Drive
  • Improvements to the layout of the intersection of New England Highway to Mitchell Drive
  • Improvements to the layout of the roundabout at Mitchell Drive and Molly Morgan Drive.

Q. Why do these road changes need to happen?

A. Stockland has been working closely with Council and RMS to model various traffic and access scenarios. After the modelling took place and various scenarios were tested, the package of road works was approved by RMS. These works are necessary to help improve traffic flow into and out of the centre.

Q. What are the changes to the bus routes/bus stops, and where will the bus stops be located?

A. The bus zone on Mitchell Drive has been relocated to be clear of the construction zone and is now closer to the Molly Morgan Drive roundabout, and in front of the new Dan Murphy's store. This bus zone will be again relocated post development - the new bus stop location will be situated next to a pedestrian crossing and entry point to the centre at Mitchell Drive, meaning people will be able to cross the street safely to enter the new centre. The bus zone on Stronach Avenue has been relocated to be clear from the new loading dock and construction works. It is now located in front of Jax Tyres.

Q. I currently walk to the centre. When fencing is placed around the site, how will I be able to access the site on foot?

A. Pedestrian access will be maintained during the construction process. Currently pedestrian access is via Stronach Avenue near JAX Tyres, via Mitchell Drive through the car park at Dan Murphy's, and via Molly Morgan Drive near KFC.

Q. How many car parking spaces will the new centre have?

A. The new centre will have over 3,000 car parking spaces for customers, with additional spaces for service and delivery vehicles. A multi-level car park will be located along Mitchell Drive, which will include roof-top parking. Additional Basement car parking will also be available. The new design ensures customers have 7 multiple entry and exit points - two located off Molly Morgan Drive, three off Mitchell Drive and two off Stronach Avenue.

Q. How will you manage construction impacts on the community? How will it be staged?

A. Our priority is to make sure future construction is managed well and our retailers and customers can continue to conveniently access the centre. We will be considerate in our approach to the local community through minimising impacts including noise and traffic.

Q. What are the steps and timeline for the construction process?

A. Construction will be phased over approximately two years.

Q. How can I find out more about what’s happening?

A.  You can stay up to date by checking our website, following us on Facebook and signing up to our customer database via www.stockland.com.au/greenhills.

  • Regular progress updates are posted on our Facebook page
  • eDMs are sent via our database which include updates about what's happening in centre and the progress of the redevelopment
  • Speak to our team at Customer Care where various information materials are available
  • Milestones will be reported via this website, Facebook and Media

Q. The 2008 proposal involved a realignment of Two Mile Creek, is that still happening?

A. The centre redevelopment does not propose any substantial works within the Two Mile Creek corridor. There will be some minor works involved with the extension of the existing basement car park, which will involve construction of a retaining wall.

Q. Are there any ecological impacts and if so, how will they be managed?

A.  An additional ecological assessment was carried out to determine any ecological impacts from the construction of the Chelmsford Drive link between the New England Highway and Molly Morgan Drive. It found that the road link would not have any significant impact on threatened flora or fauna species. An Environmental Management Plan, which has been approved by Council and the Office of Environment and Heritage, contains some recommendations which will be implemented during construction works. These include weed removal and installing nest boxes in existing trees, supervised by an ecologist.

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