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Get painting at home with your own abstract art

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Have you ever looked at a piece of art and thought, “I could totally make that”? but don’t know where or how to start?

When it comes to abstract art, it really can be as easy as taking a paintbrush to canvas and going to town. But if you would like a little more guidance, we have listed some of our favourite pieces you can try at home.

DIY Diamond Ripple Wall Art

This is a simple project that requires some painter’s tape, some plywood, a few latex paint colour, a knife, measuring tape, a pencil, a ruler and some paintbrushes. The most complicated part about this project will be placing the painter’s tape and trimming everything so that the pattern turns out just perfect. The rest of the project will be just painting and making sure that you carefully remove the tape when you’re done.

Gold Leaf Art

We love this delicate combination of colours in these DIY painting. Having something like this in your house will have you and your friends feeling like you are sitting in a Parisian Café. This project requires a canvas (as large as you want it to be), the use of modelling paste, some off-white wall paint, and a little bit of glue. Before you apply the gold leaf to the painting, you are going to have to apply some glue on the canvas using a paintbrush. You can use acrylic paint and get really playful with warm colours, even experiment with colder tones of blue or green.

Spotted paintings

A project conceived as trying to imitate the print of a snow leopard. This idea is awesome if you find yourself with an empty wall and you have other dotted or spotted décor elements in the room. Don’t be afraid to work with watercolours for this project and create spots of various depths for a more stunning visual effect.


DIY Abstract Artwork

This painting suggestion involves creating different layers of colors on a blank canvas without having a specific design or goal in mind. It’s mostly about improvising on the go, which can be an excellent form of therapy. It’s based on the idea that if you encounter parts of your painting that you don’t like, you can simply paint over them. It is a free-hand project that gives you more freedom to create things as you go.

Abstract Wall Mural

The beautiful thing about painting is that almost anything can be your canvas, including your bathroom wall. To create your very own abstract wall mural, you will need at least two different paint colors to create a gradient-like effect. You can use a variety of different brushes as part of the project (such as like an angle brush that will allow you to control the direction of the pain and help create sharp lines). The result is definitely something to be proud of.

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Before attempting any DIY project at home, be sure to read and follow all product instructions and no sharp utensils are within reach of children or any vulnerable person. 

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