Best Parking & Access

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We know that finding a convenient car spot quickly and easily is important to our customers. That’s why we will introduce a further 350 rooftop car spots on the10th August, 2017. Presently Stockland Green Hills has over 1,110 car spots, including 900 undercover, with convenient access to the centre via three travelators. The additional new 350 rooftop car spots will be easily accessible via Molly Morgan Drive (KFC entrance), which will have direct assess to the centre via a lift and travelator.  Plus, to help you find a car space quicker, make use of our brand new park assist technology ‘Park Assist’! The green and red lights help you to find a car space with ease and is available in all of our undercover car parks. 

Best parking and access for Coles

The best parking for Coles is our new undercover car park. Simply turn left behind Woolworths Petrol off Molly Morgan Drive.

Best parking and access for Woolworths

The best parking for Woolworths is in the existing underground car park which can be accessed via Molly Morgan Drive or Stronach Avenue.

Best parking and access for Big W

The best parking for Big W is the existing underground