Refurbishment of Existing Centre

We are happy to provide details regarding scheduled work which will commence on Monday 28th August 2017 to update the aesthetics within the existing centre. The main works to be completed are:

• The existing lobbies will be upgraded including the tiles.

• A large amount of work will be conducted to the internal mall and voids which will modernise and freshen up the look of the timber roof panels, walls and flooring.

• Travelators will have new balustrades installed to align with the new vertical transport.

• All the current terrazzo floor will remain.

• Externally, the entire building façade will be painted to align with the new building. Super graphics will also be installed at each lobby.

Please note, all in centre works are expected to be quite substantial and at times, unfortunately, there will be disruptions.  Our builders have been instructed to undertake as much night work as possible, but when this option is not available, we will definitely communicate this with you as early as possible. With work commencing 28th August 2017 it is expected to be completed in line with the David Jones opening in March 2018.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Centre Management Office on 0249332799.


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