Be sure to visit our brand new Enchanted Forest play area located in The Courtyard on Level 1.

The Enchanted Forest offers a unique and fun experience for the children and families that visit our centre. Positioned in the heart of this showcase precinct, this unique play space concept came with the many challenges of being located in a small restricted space and dominating brick column. OUTHOUSE design saw this as an exciting opportunity to create what would be the key feature of this space – the giant enchanted fig tree!

Inspired by East Maitland’s Historical Flora and Fauna, the Enchanted Forest tells a story and offers children an opportunity to explore their local surrounding environment, and educate them through discovery and fun challenges. Focusing on the 7 senses, this play space includes the integration of natural materials, tactile surfaces and interactive play elements which allows children of all abilities to experience together.

We invite all families to begin their adventure as they enter through the twirling vines and laughing kookaburras, and follow the overgrown buttress roots and fallen leaves to lead you to the many fun challenges and places of discovery. Take a journey across the balancing tree logs, or cast your eyes into the magical warped mirror, explore the hidden animals through the telescopes or go exploring in the flexible forest! Key features include the Tree house cubby and slide, animatronic animals, timber balancing logs and stilt walks, interactive talking tubes and play panels. Let’s not forget the talking tree if you can find him!

The Playground came together through the collaboration of the Stockland Design team, OUTHOUSE Design and the Touched By Olivia Foundation. The primary focus was to allow children of all abilities to enjoy and experience a magical world, one that lets children climb and hide, yet also gives them the ability to sit and play together.

Best of all the playground talks to you!

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