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Today Jacqui works for a technology company, BSM Universe, an online marketing company focusing on protecting children and personal data globally. When her children were young, she owned her own business in sales of made-to-order footwear, handbags and accessories.

“As a Mum wanting to be close to my children I have always worked from home for most of my career. Having the children grow up with me has been a wonderful aspect of combining a working career and full time motherhood.” 

Today, her children are 23 and 20.

Working for herself “was borne from a desire to succeed and show my children that yes, you can have success with flexibility whilst also being a full time mum”.

Stockland - Those Who Mum - Mother's Day 2018

A perfect balance

Working for herself brought a level of freedom and satisfaction to her life as a mum, which she cherishes.

“I have been able to attend all of my childrens’ sporting and school functions working around their schedules, rather than them working around my career.”

She says motherhood is about finding a balance. “Your kids come first, you second. Being flexible and open minded is part of being a successful mum. My primary goal is to be a caring and supportive Mum.”

“I truly admire mums in business greatly – without them the world would stop turning.”

Jacqui came to Australia from England when she was four. “I am so grateful for what my parents did for our family. The underlying moral is if you want something badly enough like my parents desired in the beginning…give (your family) the best life they can possibly have – financially, morally, and ethically – and don’t take a day for granted.”

A juggling act

“As I work full time it’s a juggling act. The kids understand anything worthwhile does come with sacrifices. At times I worked too hard, and still do. I always came home to my family and they are the ultimate beneficiaries of my success.”

“When children grow into young adults…it passes in a heartbeat before your very eyes. Cherish every moment whilst the kids are young, they’re not young forever.”

Jacqui loves hearing about her children’s lives and discussing issues or questions about their day. 

“Teaching them ethics and morals as they transition to adulthood is vital. To be able to hold adult conversations, on any topic is the end goal.”

Did I really say that?

For Jacqui, one of the most surprising aspects of motherhood is when she hears her children use her own words.

“When they are using my thoughts to help others without prompting, I think, ‘What did they just say?’ It’s incredible when you hear your own words spoken back in their own unique ‘voice’ – it’s a real 'wow' moment.”

Making a fuss on Mother’s Day

“My own Mum likes to make a fuss over us and on Mother’s Day I’m happy to indulge her. She is great company. We enjoy having a laugh and a joke with a nice glass of wine together. We both try to steer away from cooking. Instead, we like to go to the Hunter Valley vineyards.

“On Mother’s Day it’s about spoiling my own mother and my own children. I always like them to feel as if they’ve succeeded in being great kids and becoming the adults I hoped they would always grow to be.

“Although I do like to receive flowers – hint, hint! I do like roses. Red roses.”


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