We're celebrating National Reconciliation Week this year with something special.

On Friday 1 June 2018, a beautiful representation of our local indigenous culture in the form of a painting will be installed in the centre near Target on Level 1. 

The painting was created by local artist and community member John Robinson from the Bundjalung Nation who now lives on Wonnarua land, and the painting represents the indigenous history of the land Stockland Green Hills sits on today.

The painting illustrates the rainbow serpent who represents the creator of our land, and the wedge-tailed eagle, or the spirit of Kawal, who was created to watch over the Wonnarua people. The wedge tailed eagle is found throughout the Hunter Valley, and when the Wonnarua people see the wedge tailed eagle, they know Kawal is looking over them and protecting them. The blue centered circles in the painting represent the waterholes in the local area, and the rest of the circles represent the Wonnarua people and their families. The green dots represent the land – the Hunter Valley. 

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