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Kids skate fashion ideas and how to style them

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From oversized graphic tees to timeless Vans sneakers, the fashion donned by skaters in the 90s is has made its comeback – and it’s seriously on-trend with the kids! The best part is, your kids don’t need to know how to perfectly ace an ollie or a kickflip to be able to rock these fashionable threads.

We’ll show you how to infuse some serious skater style into your kid’s wardrobe with these cool, yet practical pieces – all found at your local Stockland Hervey Bay.

For the boys: fluro and camo
Kids skate fashion at Stockland Hervey Bay
Product captions: Cotton On On The Move Metal Drink Bottle 500ml $29.99 | Factorie License Beanie $15 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Billabong Grom Boys 10K Pant $119.99 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Billabong Holy Gwok Hood $69.99 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Santa Cruz Sock 4 Pack $19.95 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Santa Cruz Hang Ten Dot Tee $39.99 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Vans Old Skool WHT Kids Sneaker $79.95

Graphic t-shirts
Graphic t-shirts are an essential element of skater style. So, why not sport a loud logo tee from a brand that has been manufacturing the best skateboards and apparel for over 40 years, Santa Cruz! Thankfully, Surf Dive ‘n Ski has a vibrant range of Santa Cruz pieces, including their classic logo tee and socks, both absolute must-haves to nail skater fashion.

Another skate staple: hoodies! With so many fun and versatile designs, including this simple Billabong number from Surf Dive ‘n Ski, hoodies are a breeze to colour-match and pair other fun pieces with, including a bright-coloured beanie from Factorie. Not to mention, hoodies are ideal for layering when it’s chilly and you don’t want your mini skating in the cold.

Cargo pants
When it comes to skateboarding, skinny jeans can feel too tight and sweatpants too baggy. Which is why cargo pants are the perfect solution! They’re easy to move in but still oh-so stylish. Thanks to their durability, cargo pants have been dubbed the official ‘skate pants’. But don’t just pick out a typical beige or white pair. Shake things up with fluro for real 90s vibes. Match them with a t-shirt or hoodie that has the same fluro colour on it, and you’ll have aced a perfectly put-together skater look.

Kids skate fashion
Product captions: Best&Less Youth Bad Boy Muscle Tee $5.00 | Cotton On Kids Logan Cuffed Pant $29.99 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Billabong Boys Fifty 50 Jacket $169.99 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Darkstar Felix Delivery Skateboard $59.99 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Santa Cruz Classic Dot Youth Trucker Hat $29.95 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Vans Sk8-Mid Reissue V Logo $79.95

Skate shoes
With skateboarding comes endless rubbing and scuffing of the shoes, which is why all skaters need shoes that will stand the test of time. And Vans has upheld their title as the holy grail of skate shoes time and time again. Opt for a pair with a unique element, like these Vans from Surf Dive ‘n Ski. And don’t be afraid to mix-and-match patterns, such as stripes and checkers. Half of the fun in kids skate fashion is finding unique pieces that make them feel confident and excited to skate.

Tank tops
Let those arms breathe! Tank tops are loved by kids everywhere because they’re comfortable, breathable, and downright cool. Any skater dude would look at this fluro number from Best&Less and nod in agreement. And for when you don’t want to overdo things on the fluro front, balance the outfit out with a classic pair of black cargo pants from Cotton On Kids.

For the girls: pastel and puff
Kids skate fashion
Product captions: Cotton On Faceted Drink Bottle $14.99 | Cotton On Kids Classic Trainer $24.99 | Cotton On Kids Hailey Bike Short $9.99 | Cotton On Kids Milo Hoodie $12.50 | Just Jeans Naomi Preppy Round Frame $24.95 | Surf Dive ‘n Ski Obfive Pastel Plasma $189.95

Bike shorts
When it comes to comfort and ease of movement, you can’t go wrong with bike shorts. With their versatile inseams, bike shorts are ideal for all sorts of activities and have infinite styling potential! Similar to the cargo pant styling tip above, don’t just go for a plain-coloured pair. Instead, hit the mark on two trends at once with a pastel and tie-dye pair from Cotton On Kids. Pair these cotton candy bike shorts with an oversized hoodie, also from Cotton On Kids, for an effortlessly cool, yet polished take on girl’s skater fashion.

Yes, even skaters need to shield their eyes from our harsh Aussie sun! So why not look good while doing just that? A preppy rose or tan coloured frame from Just Jeans go perfectly with a pastel outfit. Want to one-up the look? Pair these sunnies with a matching-coloured drink bottle from Cotton On and your little one will be the most stylish in the skate park.

Kids skate fashion
Product captions: Cotton On Kids Frankie Puffer Jacket $49.99 | Factorie License Beanie $15.00 | Just Jeans Girls Monogram Logo Tee $27.96 | Kmart Nepp Trackpants $10.00 | Kmart Senior Deco Rose Shoe $8.00 | Just Jeans Alba Combination Frame $24.95

Puffer jacket
The puffer jacket – arguably the most stylish and practical piece to include in your kid’s winter wardrobe. So, it comes as no surprise that this 90s-inspired trend made its comeback into street style. With every colour, pattern, and material you could imagine, we’re loving this lilac puffer jacket from Cotton On Kids. Sticking to the colour scheme and graphic tee trend, pair this with a Calvin Klein logo tee from Just Jeans to add a touch of luxe to your kid’s skater look.

Sporty pants with a fresh and modern spin, these trackpants from Kmart are an absolute breeze to pair with and balance out more colourful pieces. They’re also great for skateboarding in cooler temps, when it starts to get a little fresh outside. We recommend pairing these trackies with a pair of sleek sneakers from Kmart. Go for ones that have a unique colour tone, so that they’ll match with your other items.

We hope these fashion ideas gave you some inspo for your kids to carve up the roads on their skateboards – and look great while doing it! Noticed we love the pastel and tie dye trends? Check out our guide to tie dye craft activities to do with the kids!

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