Quiet Room Now Open

Stockland Hervey Bay proudly opened their dedicated quiet room. The room is part of Stockland Hervey Bay’s initiative to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.

The quiet room is designed to create a safe place for parents, caregivers and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), providing a calm, low sensory environment, which can be used as a retreat away from the busy shopping centre. Hervey Bay Special School teacher Sharaya Crawford said the room was a wonderful gift to the community “it will provide some much needed relief for parents, carers and children with autism.. I was so pleased to hear about it” Ms Crawford said.

The room features sensitive play screens, tactile wall panels, sensory wall coverings, bean bag and dimmable sparkle lights. The room has also been given a theme of ‘Among the Trees.’ You will find the quiet room located within the Parents Room facilities opposite Kmart.

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